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Winhold Montessori School

“Our Focus Is The Whole Child”




Eleanor and Marvin Winhold were born, educated, and married in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, where Mrs. Winhold attended Stratford Teachers’ College (cert. Kdg. to 8th grade.)  They moved to Miami in 1965 and are the parents of two sons and a daughter and have a grandson.

Mrs. Winhold received her Montessori preschool certification from the Montessori Association of Florida in 1968 from Elizabeth Caspari who had worked closely with Dr. Maria Montessori.  Subsequently, Mrs. Winhold was invited by Dr. Caspari to assist her in numerous Montessori teacher training courses.   In 1979, she also obtained certification in Montessori primary education (ages 6 to 9 yr.).

Prior to opening her own school in 1982, Mrs. Winhold taught both in the preschool and elementary levels at Kingswood Montessori Academy in Homestead and also at Alexander School.  Her volunteer work in the public school system included tutoring, volunteering in the gifted children’s program and serving on P.T.A. boards.  She has been a guest lecturer at both Miami-Dade Community College and at Florida International University.  In the Palmetto Bay Business Association, she is the past chairman of the Board of Directors.  She also serves as Secretary of the Executive Board of Directors of the Economic Development Council for Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay and Perrine.

Barry Winhold, son of Eleanor and Marvin Winhold attended Montessori preschool as a child and grew up in Palmetto Bay where he resides and graduated from the local public schools. After graduation from Palmetto Sr. High School, he played football at Florida State University.  He holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Finance and International Business from Florida International University, and has completed the Montessori Preschool Teacher Education Course given by the Pan American Montessori Society.

He provides multi-level administrative support to the school.  As Vice Chairman, he is an active member in the Rotary Club of Perrine, Cutler Ridge and Palmetto Bay, where he received the Rotarian of the Year award in 2009.  Being an avid bicyclist, along with running and swimming, he participates in marathons and triathlons throughout the year. His son, Derek, attended Winhold Montessori School from toddlerhood.



Christine Amador

Christine Amador A.S. is a teacher in the Toddler Classroom, having completed the Toddler Teacher Assistants’ Training Program, and is attending Miami Dade College to earn a B.A. in Early Childhood Education. She also teaches French to all of the students.

Julia Guifarro

Julia Guifarro began teaching at our school in a 3 – 6 yr. old classroom in 2008.  In 2002, she obtained the Early Childhood Montessori Credential certified by the American Montessori Society and accredited by Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education. She is attending Nova University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education.

Julie Gunraj

Julie Gunraj has been employed at our school since 2000 when she started as a classroom assistant and now teaches in a 3 – 6 yr. old classroom.  She earned the AMS Early Childhood Montessori Credential in 2009 that is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education.


Carmen Mata 

Carmen Mata B.S. is a teacher in the 3-6 year old classroom who earned Montessori certification in Preschool Education from the Pan American Society in 2002.

Gisela Perez

Gisela Perez has been employed at our school since 1989 when she started as a classroom assistant  and teaches in a 3 – 6 yr. old classroom.  She attained Montessori Preschool Certification from the Montessori Teacher Training Institute (American Montessori Society) in 1993.

Zonia Rivera

Zonia Rivera, A.S. is a teacher in the Toddler classroom. In 2004, she received her Early Childhood Credential from the Montessori Teacher Training Institute that is certified by the American Montessori Society. She is currently attending Nova University to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.




Nancy Castro

Nancy Castro A.S. received her Director’s Credential, and is a 3 – 6 yr. old assistant here since 2008.

Connie Olarte

Connie Olarte is a toddler assistant and has been at our school since 2008.