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Winhold Montessori School

“Our Focus Is The Whole Child”


The method of Montessori is based on the recognition that children are all different and must be treated individually; that children absorb knowledge best when the impulse to learn comes from their own mind; that children should eagerly desire to work at a project, thereby teaching themselves.

The goal of Winhold Montessori Schools, Inc. is to help develop the child’s individual aptitude to the fullest potential.  This potential is developed by means of a prepared environment, specially trained and certified Montessori teachers and the use of Montessori didactic materials.  Because of our dedication to the principles of authentic Montessori education, our focus is directed to the “whole child.”

The children are exposed to amazing amounts of information encompassing math, science, language, geography, history, art, music, and often learn to read, write and calculate beyond what is often thought usual for a child of their age.   This is all accomplished without pressure or undue intervention by the adults in the environment.