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Winhold Montessori School

“Our Focus Is The Whole Child”


Dear Mrs. Winhold,

I just wanted to share a mother’s pride and my sincere gratitude.  Our girls are having a blast at FC Martin.  S’s ease adjusting to her first year is in large part due to her experience at Winhold where she was encouraged to be independent.  She relished being a kindergartener and matured beautifully during that year.  I truly believe that you and your wonderful staff do such an amazing job preparing the kindergarteners for the major transition to first grade.

Academically, you helped create such an amazing  foundation for both J and S.  J is now in the third grade and just tested at a 6th grade 4th month reading level and S just tested at a 4th grade 2nd month reading level.

I want to also thank you for encouraging me to pursue the gifted program at FC Martin.  J retested this year and has been accepted into the program.  Her favorite subjects are math and science so we are very excited for her.

Please know that our family is most grateful to Winhold Montessori for the boundless love and support J and S received during those critical years…. Now that is priceless.

Much love and gratitude,

A Congressional Letter from Ileana Ros-Lethinen

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