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Winhold Montessori School

“Our Focus Is The Whole Child”



At Winhold Montessori, our children are introduced to music in a variety of ways:  finger plays, lummi sticks, rhythm band, singing, music bells, tone bars, and classical music appreciation. The music and history of a classical musician is studied each month.

We also provide a musical performance monthly for the students with a professional performer and composer, Ms. Diane DeCenzo Bello.  She is an accomplished vocalist and classically trained instrumentalist, playing piano, keyboards, flute, harmonica and guitar.  She wrote, recorded  and produced Mother Goose Turned Loose, a collection of children’s songs. Two musical programs are held annually in December and at the end of the school year.



Art Projects are mainly 3-dimensional in nature, utilizing a variety of art media and an exposure to renowned artists.  An annual Open House is held when the students’ art and written work is displayed. The art and history of a classical artist is studied each month.


Foreign Language

All students are exposed to foreign languages each week, which includ Spanish and French lessons.


All of the students are introduced to Yoga positions on a weekly basis.


Optional Programs

Our school also offers optional programs including ballet, computer, glee kids, piano, soccer and tennis.  We also offer swimming lessons in the summer months.